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SPEAR Human Performance Platform and Environment Granted DOD Impact Level 5 Authority to Operate

26 OCT 2021

Customers can now securely ingest, exchange, and analyze Mission Critical data to produce a holistic and comprehensive approach for Intelligent Human Performance™.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2021

SPEAR Human Performance, the leader in health and human performance software, today announced that its Intelligent Human Performance™ platform and environment has been granted an Authority to Operate (ATO) by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) at Impact Level 5 (IL5) in support of DoD and U.S. Government customers.

With this certification, SPEAR provides the only DOD/DISA approved (ATO) solution that can manage Mission Critical data on the human asset. SPEAR’s solution can securely work with commercial devices, electronic health records, PII, CUI and training data to empower a holistic approach for preparing warfighters and first responders, from recruit to seasoned operator. Using SPEAR, you can observe, orient, decide, and act on each pillar of a service member's performance, managing it from command to command, mission to mission and training echelon to deployment and redeployment.

SPEAR has worked with members of the armed forces for over a decade and with this ATO, we stand uniquely with our ability to support the military and first responders with a secure, scalable and intelligent solution that can work with mission critical data”, said Adam Faurot, co-founder of SPEAR. "Now we can provide enhanced capabilities that will empower providers, commanders and service members with intelligent and actionable data to optimize human performance and wellness.

Working with its partners at Cloudfit and Microsoft, SPEAR is meeting the critical and unmet need to bring the power of a secure cloud infrastructure, Intelligent Human Performance ™ software and AI to our men and women in uniform in a ready to use commercial solution today.

About SPEAR Human Performance:

SPEAR Human Performance provides the only Intelligent Human Performance™ platform that can enable the resilience, readiness, and preparedness of service members and first responders through intelligent planning and interventions across every pillar of human wellness. As the first and only Intelligent Human Performance™ environment and application that has earned an ATO at IL5, it uniquely can manage and analyze Mission Critical data on the human asset. To learn more about SPEAR Human Performance, visit

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