SPEAR Human Performance

SPEAR is the Intelligent Human Performance(TM) Platform .

We enable the mission critical readiness of the whole human asset through personalized, prescriptive and predicative interventions.

SPEAR empowers resilience, increases wellness and realizes improved performance across every pillar of the human performance spectrum, intelligently.

First proven effective among U.S. aligned Special Forces, world-class athletes, population health and protective services personnel. 

SPEAR has evolved to help an even broader range of results-minded individuals, organizations, and communities.


What is Intelligent Human Performance(TM)?

Intelligent Human Performance(TM) is based on the technical coordination of disparate human performance domains and the belief that humans have immense untapped potential. 

Achieving that potential requires training, nurturing and maintenance of your body, mind and spirit.

Through the secure aggregation and controlled access of data from sensors, systems, clinicians, trainers and leaders; SPEAR provides an intelligent platform that empowers each each element of your health to be accessed, coordinated and optimized, producing Intelligent Human Performance(TM).


Readiness, Preparedness and Resilience

SPEAR is much more than a data aggregation and reporting tool. We provide insight into each individual's readiness to perform, preparedness to execute and resilience to continue operating at their best.


We enable personalized and prescriptive care, services and interventions that can enhance the unique abilities and identify unique weaknesses of everyone on your team, producing the optimal level of health, wellness and performance.